Handful of Dirt (sequel series to Ruins) and Other News

Despite a pandemic, a move, and a hip replacement, my newest book, Handful of Dirt, is finally available in ebook and print formats. Currently, there is a minor glitch on the cover of the print version so either be patient until that can be corrected or suffer the glaring typo (LOL). Or just order the print version.

Handful of Dirt has characters from my Ruins series but is written in a different genre–paranormal, murder mystery. It also represents a move to a new publisher, Per Bastet Publishing, after Museitup Publishing closed its doors in the summer. Per Bastet will be picking up my back catalog and will be re-releasing my books one at a time over the coming months. I’m also awaiting a multi-book contract from another publisher for a time warp series. In addition, I have written the first book in a paranormal cozy series and am plodding away on the second book.

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